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Tank construction

Tanks are a key asset of your production process. Our project team will engineer & implement the process installation built around this tank, including the flow components, the instrumentation and the automation. We produce stainless steel and steel tanks in entirely separated material & production areas in our production facility in Portugal named Jointsteel. Jointsteel is the joint venture between Timmerman and JPM.

Our range includes storage tanks, mixing tanks and process vessels as well as pressure tanks for various customers in the Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food and Chemicals industries. Each tank is carefully built by a team of specialized and certified welders, equipped with state of the art cutting and welding machines.

We produce small reactor vessels for specific process applications and conform the specifications and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry as well as large storage tanks.

Also on site production of larger tanks at our customer’s facility can be organized with our welding teams.

Engineering of tanks

In our production facility, we have a team at your disposal who will engineer the tanks taking into account your requirements. We will also provide technical assistance based on our expertise in producing tanks for various markets and technical challenges.

The production of a tank will be preceded by the validation of the tank by the customer.

For this purpose, Jointsteel will provide full technical production specification, including 3D CAD drawings of each tank.

Do you wish more information about tank construction?

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