Heat exchangers

Timmerman manufactures and installs air cooled heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers for the industry.

The starting point for the calculation and design always are our client’s specific needs. Each installation therefore is one of a kind.

Our many years of expertise and flawless welding connections are your guarantee for a sustainable and top quality result. All heat exchangers comply with the PED 2014/68 EU directive.

Air cooled
heat exchangers

Today, with over 40 years of experience, Timmerman is a leading manufacturer of industrial air cooled heat exchangers. These systems are fully bespoke, with or without finned tubes. Economisers for steam boilers and compressed air coolers also belong to this category. We also design encased aerothermal solutions with complete ventilator.

Customised solutions

Each heat exchanging system assembled in our workplace is a bespoke system. We do not provide standard solutions, but always start from the specific needs and processes of the actual end customer. Most of our air cooled heat exchangers consist of finned tubes (even though smooth tubes also are available). Economisers for steam boilers and compressed air coolers also belong to this category. We also provide encased heat exchangers with complete ventilator. These so-called aerothermal systems are mostly used to acclimatise industrial halls.


Our main aim is to deliver top quality bespoke systems compliant with the requirements of the PED 2014/68 EU directive. To really live up to this ambition, we use calculation software developed in-house and only the best welders are employed to assemble the heat exchange systems. This way, we not only guarantee an impeccable 3D design, but also welding connections of unrivalled quality. Moreover, Timmerman has in-house expertise to design heat exchangers according to several design codes, such as ASME VIII div. 1, EN 13445, AD-2000, API 661 or RToD.

Shell & tube
heat exchangers

Our shell & tube heat exchangers, including condensers, are fitted in an array of different industrial applications and processes. Our engineers provide fully customised solutions designed in-house, based on what our clients require. Next, our experienced welders and technicians ensure an expert assembly and installation, compliant with the PED 2014/68 EU directive.

Customised solutions

Each shell & tube heat exchanger assembled in our workplace is a bespoke system. When designing, we always start from the specific needs of our client. For which application will the heat exchanger be installed? In which processes? Between which agents will the thermal exchange take place (steam, water, oil, solvents, …)? Which material (steel, stainless steel, alloy, …) is most suited for the shell and the tubes? And which shape of tube will result in the highest performance (U-tubes, straight tubes…)? To which outside influences the heat exchanger will be exposed? The answers to these questions will result in a customised 3D design, with the aid of our in-house developed software.

Timmerman EHS carries out maintenance of heat exchangers, plate exchangers, piping and tank construction for the industrial and chemical sectors.


Repairs and maintenance


Our team of experienced and specialized welders and pipe fitters will be called in for repairing and re-tubing existing heat exchangers, using advanced techniques and modern tools such as tube-pullers and other appliances. According to the client’s requirements, the tubes are welded and/or rolled in the piping plates, either in our workshop or on site. Also outside business hours or during shutdowns. Since all our employees are of Belgian nationality, we guarantee communication will be no obstacle whilst re-tubing.

In this way, our customers save considerably through more efficient energy management!

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