NEWS 15/04/2024

Robust steam batteries for an incinerator

Afbeelding van geavanceerde stoombatterijen geïnstalleerd in een verbrandingsoven, geproduceerd door Timmerman. De batterijen bieden betrouwbare energieoplossingen voor industriële toepassingen.

Seven robust steam batteries will soon be installed in the chimney of a Flemish incinerator, replacing an older unit that broke down after 20 years of service. With operating temperatures reaching 420°C, the lifetime of these batteries is a very crucial element.

Our 52 years of experience have taught us to think ahead. The design of these steam batteries has therefore been carefully revised, with each of the 7 battery elements provided with a separate frame. This non-obvious approach makes future repairs economically feasible. By isolating each element, repairs can be carried out without disturbing the operation of the other elements. This ensures much greater availability of the steam batteries even if one of the elements were to have a problem.

By doing so, we not only make a crucial contribution to improving the energy efficiency and reliability of incinerators, but also offer a tailor-made, top-quality solution. With strict quality control and comprehensive lifetime support, these steam batteries guarantee reliable performance in various industrial applications.

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