NEWS 28/05/2024

Timmermanat work: Precision thanks to Orbitig

Image of advanced steam batteries installed in an incinerator, manufactured by Carpenter. The batteries provide reliable energy solutions for industrial applications.

Every day, we are committed to the manufacture, installation and maintenance of heat exchangers, pipelines and tanks for various industrial applications. Our expertise and dedication are reflected in the projects we realise. A recent project was the replacement of heat exchangers at a large petrochemical site.

Currently, our craftsmen are busy welding 1925 pipes into a pipe plate, part of a heat exchanger that is part of a larger project. We use Orbitig equipment for this purpose. This technology allows us to complete each weld with exactly the same parameters, resulting in high weld quality and longer life of the heat exchangers.

Our choice of Orbitig devices is based on the advantages they offer in terms of quality and reliability. Each of the 3850 welds (2 passes x 1925 tubes) is performed with extreme precision. This uniform approach ensures that every pipe-pipe-plate connection is perfectly sealed, which is essential for the efficiency and durability of heat exchangers.

After all, at Timmerman, we value innovation and quality control. Our heat exchangers are designed and manufactured according to strict conformity. This means that we meticulously control and optimise every detail, from the selection of materials to the final installation. Our heat exchangers are specifically tailored to our customers’ needs, allowing us to offer reliable and sustainable solutions….