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Heat exchangers

Timmerman heat exchangers and piping manufactures and installs air cooled heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers for the industry. The starting point of the calculation and design always are our client’s specific needs. Each installation therefore is one of a kind.

Our years of expertise and flawless welding connections do not only guarantee a high quality result, but also a sustainable one. All heat exchangers comply with the PED 2014/68 EU directive.

Air cooled heat exchangers

Today, with over 40 years of experience, Timmerman is a leading manufacturer of industrial air cooled heat exchangers. These systems are fully bespoke, with or without finned tubes. Economisers for steam boilers and compressed air coolers also belong to this category. We also design encased aerothermal solutions with complete ventilator.

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Shell & tube heat exchangers

Our shell & tube heat exchangers, including condensers, are fitted in an array of different industrial applications and processes. Our engineers provide fully customised solutions designed in-house, based on what our clients require. Next, our experienced welders and technicians ensure an expert assembly and installation, compliant with the PED 2014/68 EU directive.

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Services and maintenance of heat exchangers

Timmerman’s expertise goes further than the production and installation of heat exchangers. Also after the installation, our professionals are at your service to repair, monitor and maintain existing heat exchangers. 

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