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About us

Timmerman Heat Exchangers & Piping manufactures and installs air cooled heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers for all kinds of industrial applications.

We also assemble, either in our workshop or on site, industrial piping and skids in steel, stainless steel or alloys for an array of pressure applications (water, steam, oil, compressed air).

After installation, we also provide repair, maintenance and monitoring services.

Timmerman from 1972 to today

Timmerman Heat Exchangers & Piping was founded in 1972 by Pol and Michel Timmerman. In the beginning years, they focused on industrial piping.


Throughout the years, the construction of heat exchangers, with top notch welding, became one of the the main speciality of the business. Today, our team consists of 80 people: from engineers who design the heat exchangers, to welders for the production, technicians for the installation phase and pipe fitters to assemble the tubes.


Our 6000 m2 workshop in Eeklo houses an extended machine park, to manufacture top quality products.

Our clients can be found in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, energy, steel and food industry.

Timmerman realises a yearly turnover of 8.5 million euro.