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Timmerman “Konekts”


Network organization Konekt focuses on people with intellectual disabilities and / or autism and their network. With its projects, Konekt wants to help build a society where personal diversity is valued.

Konekt organizes practice-oriented training courses for young adults with disabilities who would like to work in a normal work environment. They are trained to become a supporting colleague, a "co-employee". By co-employee we mean: someone who helps, on the side of an employee in the company. With the "Training co-worker in a company", Konekt wants to create opportunities for collaboration between companies and adults with disabilities.

For this, Konekt works together with Timmerman EHS. Specifically, the students learn during fourteen training days about working in a company. On the one hand, they acquire basic knowledge about business and we offer the possibility to practice some competencies and develop talents in a safe environment. On the other hand, they do an internship at a company in their neighborhood for 12 weeks.

Timmerman EHS offers an internship position to one student, Jaak. Jaak will be present half a day a week in Timmerman EHS between May 20 and December 6, 2019 (with an interruption in the summer) and will support work supervisor Jan. With this project we want to train more people with a disability and lead them to work. We hereby focus on talent and ability, rather than on the disability.