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Services and maintenance of heat exchangers

Timmerman’s expertise goes further than the production and installation of heat exchangers. Also after the installation, our professionals are at your service to repair, monitor and maintain existing heat exchangers. Timmerman offers an all-in service, from the design phase all the way through to service after installation.

Repairs of heat exchangers

Our team of experienced and specialised welders and pipe fitters will be called in for repairing and re-tubing existing heat exchangers, using advanced techniques and modern tools such as tube-pullers and other appliances. According to the client’s requirements, the tubes are welded and/or rolled in the piping plates, either in our workshop or on site. Also outside business hours or during shutdowns. Since all our employees are of Belgian nationality, we guarantee communication will be no obstacle whilst re-tubing.

Monitoring of heat exchangers

Periodic check-ups of your heat exchanger(s) might well result in significant savings for you. Timmerman has all correct tools and competences to check the performance of your critical heat exchangers. Based on the capacity and temperature measurements, our engineers will determine the power of the heat exchanger. Repeating these calculations regularly will pinpoint the exact work and adjustments needed to enhance the system’s performance, continuously optimising the energy efficiency.

Maintenance and inspection of heat exchangers

Regular maintenance, as with any equipment and appliances, prolongs the service life of heat exchangers. Since Timmerman manufactures each heat exchanger in-house, we do have a solid knowledge of their functioning. Our employees know like no other which particular check-ups are necessary during maintenance. 

Do you wish more information about services and maintenance of heat exchangers?

Timmerman designs and produces customised solutions. Firstly, we will listen to your needs, to then come up with a proposal fit to your requirements and budget. Fill out the form below, and we will get back to you in the coming days.